Patient Information

In order to enhance the level of service that we provide you, we request that you complete your patient history forms in advance through a new online service called digiChart Patient Portal. Using digiChart Patient Portal will save you time at your appointment and ensure that your history information is organized beforehand.  This thorough history enables your healthcare providers to more effectively discuss your current health and healthcare concerns.

If you have a computer connected to the internet and use an up-level browser (Internet Explorer 6.0 and above, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, AOL, etc.), go to this website:

Please enter the username and password that you previously setup.
  1. At the Patient Portal Sign In prompt enter the following:
  2. When you first Sign In you will be prompted to change your Sign In credentials. We encourage that you write your new Username and Password down after you change it for future portal updates. Please follow the onscreen instructions. The credentials you create here will be what you use from now on to Sign In to the Patient Portal. Please note that we will only use your email address for support-related communication.

If you are interrupted while entering your information, you can return to it at your convenience and pick up where you left off. This will ensure you have adequate time to complete your history questionnaire. Typically, it takes 30 minutes to complete this process. If you are a returning patient, you will only need to update any changes in your medical history.

Your information is stored securely and it remains confidential. No one outside of our practice will have access to your information. All government healthcare privacy regulations are met, to ensure privacy of your medical information.